AP* Virtual Retreat

(In Conjunction with  APNIC 52)

Meeting Date11:00 to 13:15  (UTC +8:00)  13 September 2021  (Time Converter)

Venue:  Online (Zoom)


Co-Chairs:  Mr. Hiro Hotta (JPRS) and Ms. Sunyoung Yang (APNG)


Technical Host for Zoom: Arth Paulite, APNIC  and Uddhav Guragain AP* Secretariat


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 Agenda and Schedule

 11.00 – 11.05

Opening and Welcome Remarks by Co-chairs:

Mr. Hiro Hotta (JPRS) and Ms. Sunyoung Yang (APNG)

 11.05 - 12.35

Presentations by APStar Organizations


Presenter’s Name and Organization

Topic to Present

1.Gihan Dias, APTLD [PDF]

A brief review of a collaborative effort with PIC ISOC on having a joint event.

2. Maureen Hilyard, ALAC [PDF]

  •  A brief ALAC (ICANN) report plus
  • A presentation on feedback on a recent Pacific Island Forum Secretariat (PIFS) workshop as part of a Pacific eCommerce Initiative.
  •  A Pacific IGF session related to international partnership support for PIFS vision of Pacific Regionalism

3. Lianna Galstyan, APRALO [PDF]

Presentation on APRALO

4.Philip Smith, APRICOT [PDF]

A short update about all things APRICOT

5.Satish Babu, APSIG[PDF]

Presentation on APSIG

6.Pensri Arunwatanamongkol, THNIC Foundation [PDF]

An update on Local Language and Internet Inclusion with a Thai Case Study.

7. Duncan Macintosh, APNIC Foundation [PDF]

APNIC Foundation projects and their collaborative opportunities

8. Khan Md. Mahfuzus Salam, APNG [PDF]

Presentation on AP Next Generation

9. Noriatsu Kudo and 

Ahmad Husni Thamrin [PDF]

AI3/SOI-Asia including the Internet engineer education program


 12.35 - 12.45


 12.45 - 13.05


Any issues need to highlight or discuss

 13.05 - 13.15

Wrap Up

  • Any Other Business (AOB)
  • Next meeting
  • Nomination Next Co-chairs
  • Online Photo session
  • Meeting Closed


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